Established in March 2012, Huayuan New Materials Stock Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock enterprise invested and established by Huayuan Group specializing in the R&D and production of new materials. Huayuan Group is a state-level enterprise group, with 48 wholly owned and stock holding companies. It is a national high-tech enterprise and a township civilization enterprise, ranking among the top 500 Chinese private enterprises, top 500 Chinese large enterprise groups of strong competitiveness, and other authoritative listings. It has won multiple honors such as “National Development and Innovation Award for Outstanding Township Enterprises”.


Heavy packing material

Heavy packing material


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We sincerely welcome all industry customers letter calls business negotiations, visit the guidance
We sincerely welcome all industry customers letter calls business negotiations, visit the guidance!
To provide quality products and services for the packaging market
HuYuan New Material Co., Ltd. the parent company garden group is national group, now has 32 wholly-owned and holding company, is a national civilized township enterprises and national high-tech enterprises, among the top 500 private enterprises in China, the competitiveness of large enterprise groups in China's top 500, the national top 500 2010 Zhejiang merchants and enterprises' independent innovation in China Top100, hundred of private enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang province manufacturing industry hundred enterprises and other authoritative list, won the "national outstanding township enterprises to develop innovation award", "the province's private enterprises participate in the new rural construction Contribution Award", "the province hundreds of transformation upgrade lead demonstration enterprise" and many other honors. Garden Group has been formed to high-tech industries as the leading, emerging industries and traditional industries supporting and driving the development of garden village economic pattern. The garden of new materials Limited by Share Ltd will rely on the garden group platform, relying on the company's strong box plate production research and development capabilities, to play their own advantages, to provide quality products and services for the packaging market.
The HuYuan of new materials: "fists" force
The Chinese economy into the new normal, is growing by the high-speed growth, innovation and transformation and upgrading of China's economic development has become the main theme of the new normal stage.
More and more traditional companies began to seek a better way to survive and develop. So, the traditional paper packaging enterprises how to break through, reverse the situation? And what kind of "innovation" of the road?

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